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Modern pharmacotherapy is an essential cornerstone of medical treatment. A large portion of inpatients suffer from multiple illnesses and already have a complex drug therapy at the time of admission. For the best therapeutic success, drugs have to be selected individually for each patient and all safety aspects have to be considered.

The focus of the doctoral programme Clinical Pharmacy is to increase and ensure drug safety to in turn increase patient safety. This is achieved by joining the disciplines of pharmacy and medicine as well as cooperating with specialists within epidemiology, public health and healthcare research.

Different aspects of personalized drug therapy, pharmacokineticsand clinical epidemiology are topics that are pursued as concrete projects in cooperation with different and specific medical and scientific disciplines.

In particular, patient-relevant outcomes, such as lowering the burden of symptoms, avoiding side effects and adverse events are in the center of our research. The investigation of the effectiveness of drugs with regard to individual factors, such as organ dysfunction or enzyme genotypes, or medical procedures may contribute to evidence based medicine and in developing internal guidelines and is a further aim of our efforts. Furthermore, we are also interested in assessing economic outcomes of drug therapy, i.e. possibilities for cost reductions or cost-effective distribution of resources. Finally, we also work on developing different tools for a facilitated implementation of the findings in the clinical and pharmacy routine.